Friday, October 26, 2012

Weigh-In {Days 5-8}

Wow, I am almost done with the cleanse phase of my 24 day Challenge! This has gone by so super fast!

Before I get to the part you are all waiting for, I just have to be open and honest!  I am struggling right now.  Not with food, not with following the challenge, but with life in general.

On Monday 10/22 I started experiencing a medical problem that has popped up a few times in the past year.  I ignored it, just as I have in the past, but this time it got worse.  It lasted for 2 days, so I finally decided to talk to my husband about it.  We both decided that I needed to get into the doctor this week.  I'm not going to share details, unless of course they find something.  The internet has scary things, and what I am going through could be a simple virus or cancer, depending on which website you visit.  Haha.  So this morning I will be visiting my mom and dads doctor for the first time to see if he will invest the time into my problems and help me heal!

Anyways, the reason I am telling you is because I am devastated to say the least!  Here I am changing my life, and enjoying every.single.moment of it, and BAM!  There is that little black rain cloud hoovering over me!  I have felt better this last week than I have in the last year!  I am no longer an unmotivated overweight (ok well I am still technically overweight) mother.  

Every morning I get up when my alarm goes off, I take the time to do my hair, and my make-up. (I haven't done my make-up since Vegas in January folks!!) and grab some awesome outfits to go out and rock the world.  It's like I am awake again!!

I am on Day 8 of this challenge and let me tell you.... this Starbucks lovin mama has not missed one single sip of that awful sweet and tasty concoction.  Not one!  How is this possible?  I thought I needed my Starbucks just to survive the days.  NOPE!  Good-bye bad for you indulgences, and hello fat wallet!!  :)  This mama is saving $5 every day, just by getting a divorce with Starbucks!  Not too bad right?

OK lets move onto my progress!  I want to know something.  Do you want to know what I eat every day, or would you rather see pictures of my weights instead?  I want to know what my readers want to see!  So please, do tell!

Weight: 270.6                                                        TOTAL LOSS: 5.2 Pounds

Weight: 268.6                                                       TOTAL LOSS: 7.2 Pounds

Weight: 268.8                                                          TOTAL LOSS: 7 Pounds

Day 8
Weight: 268.4                                                                                    TOTAL LOSS: 7.4 Pounds

I am so happy with my results this far.  I haven't lost half of me yet, darnit, but I feel like a million bucks. Here is my challenge to you!  Are you feeling sluggish, or just in a rut?  Visit Advocare and just try Spark!  It will change your life!  I am not in anyway paid to tell you these things.  I am living proof of the products results as you read this!  

This coming week will be the hardest for me yet.  I've got my doctors appointment, Tailgater, Halloween, Halloween party, Birthday party, and I still have to find time to be Mom, Wife, Friend and employee.  I will be relying on Spark to get me through!

I can't wait to come back and share my next results!! 

Thanks friends!! 


  1. So proud of you and for you!!! You are doing amazing!! I'm sorry to hear about icky health things and I hope you are okay. If you need to vent, I'm an email away :)

    I like seeing what you eat. It's hard for me to figure out what I'm doing wrong with my eating. It's helpful to see what other successful peeps are eating that I can add to my diet.